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Noot D'Noot

“Imagine pressing up on this expansive 10-piece trip after the millionth minimal raw garage-punk pretender you’ve caught since South by Southwest: over the hypnotic jungle of timbales and congas and the spongy funk of the traditional rhythm section, there’s a crucial dude just owning a couple reverberant electric pianos and organs juiced through his God-sized delay box. Then the cat in the semi-decorative bathrobe and sunglasses betrays his well-aimed Fela Kuti fixation with his boss tenor sax. And then, as the guitarist culls the backward seagull-peals from his own delay-station, the dandelion-statured stoner with huge sneakers announces that his name is Dookie Platters and drops an indecipherable line about some kinda sticky shit. It’s then you notice the fine-ass soul sisters, who primp up to the mic and extemporize to tell you what it’s like where they live, in Jiggle City, where we’ll all go to chase the kitty. That’s right, this shit is that spot-slam-on, Junior.”

—Flagpole Magazine

“Noot d’Noot are off the Dick Cheney. These boys and girls are on a mission with absolutely no luggage. I saw them a few weeks back and my crotch was soaked. I made out with a Chinese girl and danced with a black kid. Then I went home and gave it to my wife better than she’s had in a good minute. Yes, a good old fashioned rubbin’. You know what I mean.”

—Dry Ink

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